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Two day trip to Sahara 


Yeeeees! We have been at the two day trip to Sahara with Pernille’s family. It was an amazing trip, which you differently have to try if you are in Tunisia. The trip started early Thursday morning directly to the first stop; El Jem. Afterwards we went to Matmata and Douz before we finally ended up in Kebilli, where we have to stay at hotel Les Oasis for the night. The trip already started at 05.30 am the next morning, because we have to see the beautiful sunrise. Afterwards we went to Chott el Jerid, Tozeur and Gafsa. And in the end we ended up in the holy city Kairouan, before we went back to Hammamet, where we were at the hotel around 6 pm.

The trip offers a lot of interesting and beautiful experiences, which gives a good insight in Tunisia. The guide tells about Tunisia in general, the population and the culture, which helps to provide a good understanding of why they are as they are.

To see what we experienced at the trip, you have to click at the different cities below.


Some practice:

  • The trip cost 241 DT pr. Person, which is around 110 Euro

  • The entire trip is about 1200 km

  • It starts at 6 am the first day and end at 6 pm the second day

  • The bus will pick you up and drop you of with the hotel

  • A pillow will be a good idea, when you sleep a lot in the bus

  • If you want to go, just ask the receptionist at your hotel, they can help you book it all

  • Bring money to beverages and the camel ride, because it is not included in the price 

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