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Resto La Plaga 


Saturday there were so many guests at the hotel due to the spring holiday in Tunisia. At the same time have we visit from Denmark – Pernille’s mother and sister, so we decided to go out and eat in Hammamet on Resto La Plaga, which is located at the beach and with a view to the old medina.

It is a small cozy restaurant, which is built under the road, so only the terrace is at the beach and can be seen from the road. The restaurant is alcohol-free and smoke-free in the area where you eat. However it is allowed to smoke in a small area at the bar, but it doesn’t disturb the guests, who are enjoying their food.


Since the restaurant is located by the water, they serve mainly fish which is freshly caught, and therefore they can’t promise that they always have the fish that are on the menu. If you don’t like fish, it is also possible to order chicken and beef. We started with a cold starter with carpaccio and parmesan. It was a nice and easy appetizer. For main course we all had ordered squid, where you could choose between different potatoes, rice, vegetables and tastira, which are pieces of chili and tomatoes turned to the pan and added some spices and eggs – it is very delicious and can be recommended for the octopus! The octopus was also really delicious; however some of the slices were a bit slightly, which made it a bit tough to chew.

We got to the restaurant around 6.30 pm., which means we just got the sunset, and it was so beautiful. However you can’t complain about the view, even when it is dark, because you can see the old medina and a lot of light over the ocean, which you hopefully can get an impression on in the pictures.


We were four people at the restaurant and we have to pay 122 dinar together, which is around 63$. It included three starters, four main courses, water and sparkling water. 

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