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The Golden Fish – Yasmine Hammamet


Hurrah... Yesterday it was Katrine’s birthday, which we of course wanted to celebrate with a delicious lunch. We were in the mood for fish and had, earlier this week, walked by a lovely fish restaurant placed right at the beach; “The golden fish”. We decided to try it out, which certainly was a good decision.


We were greeted by a very friendly waiter, who spoke a little English and we had no problem understanding each other. Due to the excellent weather, we chose to sit outside so we could enjoy the sun and the water. However, this meant that a few very affectionate cats, which apparently were used to be fed by previous guests, accompanied us. We took the experience with a smile and the waiter was very kind to chase them away when he brought the food. Before our ordered main course, we were served delicious tapas with, squid, olives, tomato tapenade and other spicy dishes, which we could enjoy while waiting for our flambéed king prawns. The Prawns were a great success and so tasty. They were served with the most wonderful grilled vegetables and pommes frites. The fries were a bit misplaced, but it was still nice to have some extra side dishes to become completely satiated.


After the meals we sat quietly and enjoying our white wine, which we of course had ordered in in the occasion of Katrine’s birthday. Then the waiter came with lemon ice-cream for us, even though we did not order any dessert. Of course, as it stood before us had to taste it, and it was, like the other courses, incredibly delicious.

When we finished a half of bottle of wine each and eating our dessert, we asked for the bill so we could continue the celebration of Katrine. The bill was a total of 101 dinars, which correspond to approximately 53 USD. To our surprise, it turned out that in addition to the tapas, we also had the dessert on the house, which is not something you can expect in Tunisia, although the waiters bring it without asking. Such a kind deed.


The restaurant is definitely a place we would like to recommend others who visit Tunisia and certainly a place we will visit again in the near future.


Adress: En face de l'hotel El Mouradi Hammamet | BP 86 - 8050, Hammamet, Tunisia

The Rovers Return Inn – Yasmine Hammamet


Friday night we decided to go out for dinner, since there wasn’t that many guests in the hotel, which meant another night without buffet (not good). Initially we wanted to find a restaurant, which served pork, but the boys suggested another restaurant, they thought we should try out. We took a chance with “The Rovers Return In”, an English restaurant. At first we were more than impressed and pleased with the choice, but the success became worse and worse as the dinner past.


We were welcomed by the sweetest gentleman, who spoke well English and joked a lot with us in a nice very way. We were the only guests in the restaurant except for a few people at the time, which gave us opportunity to pick and choose where we wanted to sit.

The restaurant itself had fine surroundings with nice table settings. However it should be mentioned that the restaurant includes a sports bar, which is a bit dominating. On every wall there are television screens where they display different sports games; football, rugby, handball etc. It is however without sound and therefore possible to abstract from and it does not interrupt the evening.

As it was not possible to order pork, as we had a great longing for we chose grilled shrimps tossed in garlic for starters, which use to be a success and a strip loin steak for the main course. Unfortunately there were casings in all of our shrimps, which we had to remove. This was a lot of work, because the prawns were very small.

After some nagging we wanted to look forward to the next course, the strip loin – yum! Unfortunately this was just another bad experience, as the pommes frites and garniture were limp and it was obvious that the vegetables came directly from the freezer and just thawed in a pan with some butter. The meat was however okay and medium rare as we had requested. Regrettably it was not as juicy as we had hoped.



The restaurant turned, to our disappointment, out to be a quite bad experience compared to our expectations for an English restaurant and our great longing for a pork dinner. However we have been recommended another English restaurant in Yasmine Hammamet, which serves pork. As we have to get a delicious pork dinner soon, you will definitely get our assessment of this restaurant as well.


Adress: Yasmine Hammamet Seafront, Hammamet 8050, Tunisia

Phone: +216 98 319 652

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