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Phenicia Hotel Equestrian Center


After I (Katrine) had plagued for a very looong time to get to ride on either camels or horses, finally my wish came true last sunday. Our colleague Jackie wanted to take us to a riding school where we were able to ride for a few hours and even take the horses along the beach. The firs place we got to, the owner was busy as he had riding lessons with students all afternoon and he was not available until the following day. Jackie insisted that it had to be today so he called one of his friends who also have a riding school. There are many opportunities here in Hammamet, so you just have to ask different places and it will be possible even the same day, without an appointment.

Luckily his friend had time to take all tree of us out riding, and the riding school, “Phenicia Hotel Equestrian Center” was only located a little further down the road, next to the grand hotel “Phenkia”. He usually only takes students for the riding school, but are willing to make exceptions sometimes. If you want to make a reservation you can contact the reception in the hotel or the owner of the riding school.


It’s really a nice place where you can tell they do everything to make sure the horses live under the best possible conditions. The owner makes sure that all horses are ridden every day, if not by the students, then by himself. The horses really are his passion and it clearly show when he talks about them.


When we got to the riding school, the first thing he asked was if we had ridden before and how used to horses we were. Before we could go to the beach with the horses, we had to ride in the arena, both to warm up the horses and get them used to us and vice versa, but also so he could see how we handled them.

Although I don’t ride that often, I quickly got used to my horse, Yasmine, and wanted to trot and gallop. Pernille was not comfortable with the situation and a bit scared, she was therefore allowed to take it slow while the teacher helped and kept an eye on her.


It was absolutely fantastic along the water!! We were so lucky with the weather, which normally changes a bit down here, so it could not be a bit day for a ride along the beach. We were both allowed to trot and gallop and I can’t imagine anything better than this – It was completely amazing. On the way back, we rode up between the trees, where we had a nice view of the beach. A perfect place for a needed break.


When we returned to the riding school, he took care of the horses and we thanked him for a lovely afternoon. He told us that we are always welcome, both to see him ride, jump and do shows but also to take the horses out ourselves.

The price for two hours, is 60 DT which corresponds to 31 USD. It is not something we can afford to do every Sunday, but we will definitely go again.


Adress: Avenue Moncef Bey 


Phone: 98 604 676





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