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Le Berbere 


Last Saturday it was Pernille’ birthday, so of course we were going to eat a delicious dinner!  Our boss had earlier suggested a fine restaurant in Hammamet, where you can enjoy the sunset on their terrace. Unfortunately we did not see the sunset, but the view over the medina and the ocean was not to complain about! If you want to enjoy the sunset to the fullest, you should visit the restaurant a summer night, where you can sit and enjoy your meal on their terrace. Unfortunately it was too cold during our visit, so we had to sit inside, where you also have a good view.


When we arrived, we were greeted by some very sweet waiters, who speak English and allowed us to look at the menu in peace. Because we had eaten a lot of fish the last while, we chose to get steaks this time – perhaps because it also means that we could get béarnaise sauce. We had properly forgotten have much we missed it, because it tasted heavenly. The delicious medium fried steaks was served with french fries and a small bowl of roucola salad, which we certainly have missed down here.

To the dinner we got some delicious red wine, which was one of their cheapest, but it was still very tasty, and we were allowed to enjoy it in peace, even though we had been finish eating for a long time.


It was definitely a good experience, and we will clearly recommend the place to others. If you have children, there is also a small playground for them. However they are not disturbing to the restaurant’s other guests, so if you come without children, you will not get disturb by the noise.


For all the food, we have to give 92 dinar, which is like 44 euros. This includes two main courses with beef and a bottle of red wine.

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