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Hotel Ménara 

During our internship, we are staying at Hotel Menara which is the hotel we work for. This gives us an oppotunity to experience the hotel, both as guests and as a part of the workers.


Hotel Menara is a lovely 3-star hotel, where all of the guests is seen and treated as part of their family. It was especially this charm and gracious behaviour we fell for when we visited the hotel in the summer.

The hotel is located 65 km from the capital of Tunisia, Tunis, 5 km from the center of Hammamet and only 300 m from a beautiful sandy beach, where the hotel has their own area with bar and loungers.

Menara is part of a major turist area which is filled with hotels and plenty of life in the summer.

When we had our one week vacation here, the times was spent by the great outdoor pool before the hotel animation team  entertained with music, dancing, quizzes etc. In the evening. The animation team is sweet to ensure that every guest has a good time and creates activities for everyone by the pool.  They were happy to acompany guest to Hammamet or other places or join us in the discoteque in the evening.


In addition to the outdoor pool, there is during the winter open to the hotel’s indoorpool which is nice and warm and definently can be recommended. When we are needing entertainment or want to be active, we go for a game of tennis (and no, we are not good at it) or mini-golf, a game we are experts in! :) 

The other day, the hotel was in the need of photos of their spa and wellness for their webside, which should be pictures of the current treatments.  Because of the lack of guests in the hotel, we had to get a massage and other beauty treatments, to get the pictures. It was a great day of work with a lot of spoiling and we recommend it for future guests. We will do it again for sure, if the pictures should disappear or renewed.


In the restaurant they do everything to make all of the guests satisfied. The food are often different than what we are used to in Denmark, but the kitchen staff are very happy to recieve ideas for food for the buffet to please everyone.


Hotel Menara is a wonderful family hotel with a lot of facilities. Their best qualities are definently the hotel staff, who will do evrything to make sure their guest are having the best stay possible.  

They speak fluently arabic and french, and therefore they have difficulty communicating in english. However, whe do not believe the communication is a problem, because they do everything to learn and understand guest no matter which country they are from.


Hotel Menara is certainly worth a visit. 

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