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Exhibition - Traditionally Tunisian clothing 

Today our boss Narjes accompanied us to an exhibition of traditional Tunisian clothes and jewellery. Throughout the month of March and especially in the last two weeks - as there are holidays for Tunisians these days, there are focus on traditional clothing.

It was a small exhibition in Hammamet but there were many people and a lot of fine things to see. It's amazing to see how many details there are in the clothing and jewellery, when you consider how much work they put in to it, as everything is handmade. Things are made of the finest materials and are therefore also incredibly valuable.

They explained about the different objects, but as there are only locals in this time of year, it was unfortunately only in Arabic. However, we did get the chance to see how they wear the clothes - a woman showed how the cloth is to be tied into a dress, as you can see in the pictures below. Narjes told us that this type of clothing was worn in the past, and it is therefore only her grandmother and her generation who still use it.













Hotel Menara is keen to support these handcrafters. They have previously donated beverages - freshly squeezed orange juice for all guests at the exhibition, as it is one of the Menara qualities because they own orchard with fruit trees. Narjes wants for the hotel to take part in these events as it helps to reinforce what Tunisia stands for, and strengthen Hammamet as a destination. Definitely 


It was a really nice experience and gives great insight into their culture. It was free to enter the exhibition but of course you have the opportunity to buy some of the clothes and jewellery.

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